“Rainforest to table”


“探索雨林裡無盡藏的資源,以永續利用的方式,將其轉化成食材餵飽人們,並嘉惠原住民社群──像這樣「把雨林帶上餐桌」(Rainforest to Table)的方式在拉丁美洲已逐漸普及,並發展成倡議行動。” (Source)




“Explore the endless resources in the rainforest and use them sustainably in food to feed people and benefit the Aboriginal community – this way of bringing ‘Rainforest to Table’ has gradually become popular in Latin America and developed into an initiative.” (Source)

This time, invited by the Taiwan Research & Design Institute, the Slow Food Design (SFD) team planned the dinner party for “Curation in Progress” with curatorial thinking based on the event’s concept of “Psychedelic Rainforest.” They  appropriated the ongoing sustainable movement in Latin America as the title, bringing some social thinking aside from enjoying the food, hoping to share care and support for sustainable/local issues with the guests.

The team designed the set in collaboration with Temperature. In addition to ferns and large-leaf plants, design and culinary books were stacked on the arc-shaped surface and covered with iridescent paper rolls to represent river and sourcing from Nature. It also echoed the venue itself (Not Just Library).

In between books and plants, they dug, fed, and nourished.


迷幻雨林餐桌: Rainforest to Table

LOUU 微辣奶油|昆布鹽奶油|發酵豆腐奶油|黑蒜奶油
Salt & Stone sourdough

LOUU Spicy Butter|Seaweed Butter|
Fermented Tofu Butter|Black Garlic Butter

Salt & Stone sourdough

部落野菜溫沙拉 Tribal Wild Vegetable Salad
LOUU 油漬番茄、油漬小捲

broccolini |chinese broccoli|winged beans|
LOUU Cherry tomatoes confit, Capers and squid confit

Sauce: grilled shallot sour cream | nuts | spicy moringa powder

雨林獵人燉雞 Pollo alla cacciatora
LOUU 油漬牛肝箘綜合菇、微辣奶油

couscous|Manganji green pepper|
coffeesSalt|boneless chicken drumstick|
LOUU Mixed mushrooms with porcini confit, Spicy butter

熱帶河魚湯 Tropical River Fish Soup
LOUU 油漬馬告章魚

Potato|River white fish|
lemongrass | lemon Leaf | galangal |
curry Leaf | coconut milk | shrimp stock|
LOUU Octopus and magao confit

紅米布丁 Red Rice Pudding
LOUU 發酵豆腐奶油

Hualien red sticky brown rice|vanilla|
rum plantain|cocoa|honey|grain|
LOUU Fermented tofu butter


Organizer / 2021 TDRI Design Week
Food design / 陳小曼食物設計, LOUU
Chef team / George Chen, Kuan Wei Yeh, Ben Kuo
Beverage / Hiboru 嗨波嚕
Venue / 不只是圖書館
Decoration / 溫度物所、陳小曼食物設計