誠品邀請了邀請了10位三十代藝術家/設計師,在 #信義誠品 各處展出為期一個月的作品。參展名單包括:豪華朗機工、姚仲涵、吳耿禎、陳青琳、王宗欣、范承宗、齊振涵、李霽、發條鼻子、陳小曼。

Eslite 30 Xinyi Art Project invited creators in various fields to place their works in its Xinyi building in different creative forms. From the coexistence of humans and creatures, the thoughts between natural and unnatural environment, the contemporary regeneration of traditional craftsmanship, the experience of sensory expansion, the disassembly and reorganization of the body and clothing, the possibility of substitution, interaction and, imagination, to the book series, future events, and memories that respond to the times through reading, each work is a reflection on reality, about future life, and the imagination of cultural possibilities.

Eslite invited ten artists/designers of the thirties to exhibit their works for a month in various corners of the Eslite Xinyi store. The list of exhibitors includes Luxury Logico, Chung-Han Yao, Jam Wu, Kim Chen, Cowper Wang, Cheng-Tsung Feng, Hans Chyi, Lee Chi, Clockwork Noses, Slow Chen.






French stream-of-consciousness writer Proust spent four pages describing how the smell of a classic French pastry Madeleine evokes the memory of the protagonist in the first volume of his classic novel – In Search of Lost Times.

Memory psychology uses the “Proust effect” to describe the linkage between smell and emotional memory. How we feel about things comes from the body’s receptors – the senses. Sensations accumulate as memories, and sensory experiences (with a chance) become triggers for recalling memories. 

Although the methods of food production continue to evolve with the concepts, cultural preferences, and technologies of the times, the memory of food continues to accumulate over time. Even with new technology, we’re still looking for shared taste memories. In this exhibition, we tried to explore intuitive feelings in life by dismantling sensory experience and expanding the scope and possibility of imagination. From there, we could open up the sensibility that may be neglected and explore the realms of dream and imagination.


Participants will select the following set of texts in the exhibition and conduct sensory experiences based on the texts through hearing, sight, smell, and touch. In the end, they will get a piece of chocolate corresponding to the text they choose to complete the journey of this sensory experience.


特別感謝:挪位創意Hush Chen