Food Project


呼應 2016臺北世界設計之都 的「WDC國際設計合作計畫」,設計師 王艾莉 策畫了一個大型的展覽活動 The Food Porject:包含靜態的展覽〈食物說 Edible Tales〉,以四個主題展出世界各地與食物相關的設計與藝術計劃,邀請加拿大藝術家 Nicholas Hanna 來台展演與王艾莉工作室合作、為此次展覽打造的〈馬路水印車 Trike Writer〉;並於〈小吃進化論 Food Evolution〉邀請英國的 Bompas & Parr 食物設計工作室與西班牙的食物設計師 Martí Guixé 為台灣的小吃進行改造、並到台灣為此次的合作進行為期二週的展演。

陳小曼參與此次的活動紀錄並協助其前東家 Martí Guixé 執行專案,並於展覽期間撰寫專文介紹:「以食物碰觸人心——王艾莉的設計心理學」。

In response to the “WDC International Design Collaboration Program” of the 2016 Taipei World Design Capital, designer Alice Wang planned a large-scale exhibition event – The Food Project: including a static exhibition “Edible Tales,” exhibiting the world with four themes of food-related design and art projects from all over the world. Canadian artist Nicholas Hanna was invited to the exhibition to collaborate with Alice Wang Studio on “Trike Writer.” British Bompas & Parr Food Design Studio and Spanish food designer Martí Guixé were invited for “Food Evolution,” reinventing Taiwanese snacks for a two-week exhibition in Taiwan. 

Slow Food Design (SFD) team participated in the documentation of this event, assisted Slow Chen’s former boss – Martí Guixé in the implementation of the project, and wrote a special introduction for the exhibition: “Touching the heart with food – Alice Wang’s Design Psychology.”