Aesop table: Ugly food, beautiful mind


根據聯合國糧食及農業組織(Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,簡稱FAO)統計,全球每年生產的食物中有3分之1,約有13億噸食物在整個食品供應鏈中被丟棄或浪費掉!當中包括這些明明就可以上桌享受,卻因為不符合傳統審美價值而滯銷的「醜陋蔬果」。(Quote: Food Next

陳小曼食物設計團隊替注重內外兼具的品牌 Aesop 設計一場餐會,不僅使用了當季的抗氧食材,同時也使用「醜蔬果」——在市場上被稱為「NG」的食材,有著一樣的狀態與營養價值,卻因外觀「不及格」成了格外品。找來 Nom Nom 團隊,將這些食材結合節令與概念,變成桌上的佳餚;對地球友善,也讓腸胃溫暖。


Ugly or beautiful?

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), one-third of the food produced globally each year, about 1.3 billion tons, is discarded or wasted throughout the food supply chain! Among them are some “ugly vegetables and fruits” that can be enjoyed on the table, but are unsalable because they do not conform to traditional aesthetic values. (Quote: Food Next)

Slow Food Design (SFD) team designed a luncheon for Aesop, a brand that focuses on both the inside and the outside. The event not only used anti-oxidant ingredients that are in season but also used “ugly vegetables and fruits,” ingredients known as “NG” in the market. They have the same state and nutritional value but have become discarded products due to their “failure” in appearance. The Nom Nom team was invited to combine these ingredients with seasons and concepts and turn them into delicious dishes on the table. Eco-friendly and gut-warming.

Simultaneously anti-oxidative and beautiful to the heart.

Aesop 冬日抗氧餐桌 Winter Antioxidant Table


Salad: earth

Black beans|Pumpkin|Quinoa|Asparagus|Radish

Salad: ocean

Seaweed|Oyster confit|Cheese crisps


Chicken & fig roll|Fennel head|Russian broccoli|Spinach

Straw-smoked chicken|Red wine pears|Whisky grapes|Roasted strawberries|Runner beans


Carrot cake|Sweet ginger whipped cream

Mixed spices (cinnamon, pink pepper, nutmeg)



Fermented pineapple ginger sparkling juice


Client / Aesop Taiwan
Food design / 陳小曼食物設計
Chef team / Nom Nom
Venue / Aesop Da-an