Table for miss A – Food event

DIS-ORDER 是「失序」的意思。我們對生活中的事物視為理所當然,其實對某些人來說是充滿壓迫性的。透過一個小時、七道食物的展演,我們以解構食物「DIS-FOOD」拆解秩序,來試著探討這些在社會中其實普遍存在的失序現象,體驗飲食障礙者生活中面對的處境。


DIS-ORDER means “lack of order”. The things in life that we take for granted, may in fact, be a source of tension for others. It’s like wearing the wrong pair of glasses. We sought to deconstruct food (we call it “DIS-FOOD”) in order to try and explore the lack-of-order that we see in our society and experience the situations that people with eating disorders have to face everyday.

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